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The team at Bothams Prestige fully understand the importance of caring for a lawn and green spaces, all year round. If not cared for correctly, grass can easily get tired, worn out and infested with weeds, soon becoming unsightly or unusable. Our skilled team are highly trained and always use the latest commercial mowing equipment, along with the latest grass maintenance equipment and technology.

We undertake projects of all sizes and all shapes. No project is ever considered to be too big or too small and all our work is given the same painstaking attention to detail. The small details following our grass cutting work is taken care of using trimmers and hand tools, whilst larger areas such as country parks, paddocks, large fields, and sports pitches are handled by state-of-the-art tractors equipped with high-capacity mowing decks that provide a precise and versatile mowing solution.

So, no matter the size of the grass cutting area, we can cut and maintain a grass space that you can be proud of and enjoy regardless of size or shape, regardless of obstacles such as trees and shrubbery, or features such as water fountains, monuments, and statues. The team at Bothams Prestige can help and we would love to discuss your needs.


We are and always have been committed to providing tidy, healthy, safe, and useable green spaces for our housing stock clients. Residential areas benefit greatly from access to well kept, well presented green recreational areas. As well as being aesthetically pleasing for the neighbourhood, for passers-by and for visitors, well-kept green spaces also provide a safe area for children to play and attract people to the area.

Whether for commercial, public, or private means, we can renovate and maintain residential green spaces for local councils and housing associations alike. From outdoor communal areas to grass verges, parks, lawned areas, community gardens and play areas, we are ready and able to assist with housing stock grounds maintenance or renovation.


As with our commercial grass cutting and our housing stock grounds maintenance, our team are also highly skilled and vastly experienced in providing high quality public sector grounds maintenance services. Leaving your public sector green space clean, tidy, well presented, and ready for use. Bothams Prestige have a long and distinguished record of providing high quality public sector grounds maintenance services.

We understand what it takes to meet various compliance requirements, we understand that the service must always be ‘value for money’ and we fully appreciate the need for reliability and continual improvement in all areas of the business to fully satisfy key stakeholders.

When it comes to providing high quality, reliable and flexible public sector grounds maintenance services, we can surpass expectations and meet all demands in an always friendly, always approachable, and always professional manner.

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