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When the colder weather draws in, our services continue, in the shape of our popular winter gritting services, designed to keep your business moving and safe for everyone including your staff and your visitors.

Icy surfaces pose a real safety risk to personnel and customers, whatever your industry, and without sufficient winter preparation, icy surfaces can render your site inaccessible to both vehicles and pedestrians. Our team can ensure a gritting scheme is in place, keeping surfaces free from potentially dangerous ice, ensuring safe access for all.

By gritting car parks, access roads, footpaths, or pavements in advance of icy weather, you can greatly reduce the possibility of accidents and potential injuries. As well as safeguarding personnel and visitors, gritting can also make incidents involving motor vehicles much less likely.


In close association with our gritting services, we also offer a professional snow clearance service, ensuring your operation can continue, even in the harshest of winter conditions.

We have been delivering our dedicated snow clearance service to shops, retail units, pubs, restaurants, hotels, factories, leisure facilities, and sports stadiums for many years. We are experienced in clearing snow from access roads, car parks, pathways, pavements, delivery areas, loading bays and much more. Clearing snow safely and efficiently thus enabling enterprises large and small to continue with their operation regardless of the harsh conditions outside.

Following snowfall, we can attend your premises and get to work safely and swiftly, making travel around your facility, and access to and from the facility, much easier and much safer for vehicles and pedestrians alike. Then, depending on the type of environment, the amount of snow present, and the longer-term forecast, we can select the most appropriate clearance method and discuss any longer-term solutions so that your business can continue seamlessly in all weather.

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