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All good sports pitches require regular maintenance to keep them in peak condition for their respective sport. No matter whether your surface is used for football, golf, cricket, rugby, equestrian activities, or other sports, each pitch type or playing surface has its own unique set of desired characteristics required to boost performance and enhance appearance.

From regular services such as grass cutting and line marking to more specialist activities including levelling and drainage, we have the equipment, the experience, and the skill to complete the work to Institute of Groundsmanship (IoG) standards.

Bothams Prestige offer superb sports pitch maintenance and renovation services on an ad-hoc or a regular contractual basis. We have worked within the sports and leisure industry for many years delivering bespoke sports pitch maintenance and renovation services for businesses large and small, covering a vast range of sectors, and sporting venues of all shapes, sizes and needs.

We have a large range of loyal clients in multiple sporting sectors, who return for our sports pitch maintenance and renovation services year on year, and thanks to their high standards, our commitment and desire to create and maintain the perfect sports surface is stronger than ever before.


Scarifying is vital for sports pitch renovation and often forms the first phase of an effective sports pitch renovation programme. We have several of the very latest scarifiers, each one designed for specific turf and surface area requirements.

During our scarifying process we rake the turf to remove any thatch and dead grass, enhancing the drainage capabilities of the pitch and promoting root growth by allowing air to reach them.

To complete the scarifying process, we often apply fertiliser to enhance turf recovery. The ideal time to scarify is when grass is actively growing so that recovery is fast, but of course we can work with the specific needs and demands of each client.


There are 3 primary ways to perform ground aeration. Spike aeration where soil is punctured or split, linear aeration where the soil is continually slit, or core aeration where core segments are removed.

Spike aeration and linear aeration is often used to solve surface drainage issues and provide deep aeration and decompaction to the turf whilst core aeration can reduce turf compaction and thatching issues. We often find that aeration is beneficial following seeding and can improve the uptake of nutrients and water by introducing the grass seed directly to the soil.

We recommend a regular programme of aeration as we find it to be a vital part of good turf management, beneficial to many sports surfaces including football pitches, cricket wickets, golf greens, rugby pitches and racecourses.


Verti-Draining helps promote surface draining and healthy root growth. The ‘Verti-Drain’ decompacts the soil by penetrating the surface with large diameter tines from 12mm up to 24mm and up to 400mm deep, this allows water to filter through the surface more efficiently aiding surface drainage.


The Imants Shockwave is a linear decompactor which creates slits using rotating blades causing the ground to fracture below the surface. The shockwave is designed to revitalise heavy wear areas by relieving soil compaction, improving aeration, and removing surface water. The Shockwave is reputed as the world’s fastest PTO driven rotary, linear decompactor.


Overseeding is a term used to describe the implanting of grass seed just below the surface of the sports pitch. Following implantation, the holes or slits are then sealed to ensure the seed germinates and grows as quickly as possible.

Overseeding can have huge benefits for areas of high use, such as football pitch goal mouths or the crease area of a cricket wicket. It can also see great benefits in your patchy lawn or where you need to reduce moss or weed invasion. As with all our services, we have specialist overseeding equipment such as Charterhouse Disc Overseeders and Blec Multiseeders.

We also have the knowledge and experience of overseeding a vast range of sports surfaces and we can agree a service or a package to suit your individual needs.


It is safe to say that the Koro Field Top Maker has revolutionised pitch renovation. It swiftly and efficiently removes the surface of a sports field up to a depth of 50mm thus allowing the regeneration of mature grass whilst removing thatch, weaker meadow grass and weeds.

This popular and revolutionary method of sports pitch renovation is the fastest way to achieve successful grass growth on your sports pitch and produces amazing results.


The application of weed control chemical is as specialised as it is vital to maintain the quality and life of your sports pitch. We operate a range of weed control equipment from knapsack to tractor mounted sprayers and our team are well trained, fully licensed, and vastly experienced in the application of effective sports pitch weed control.

Bothams Prestige can recommend the most appropriate weed control products for your needs whilst providing a detailed and comprehensive risk assessment. In addition to this, we work closely with qualified agronomists to ensure that we maintain our high level of weed control expertise.


All healthy sports fields, pitches, and courses require fertiliser to encourage heathy growth and fortification. We recommend monitoring nutrient levels to maintain the correct balance and ensure the turf is as healthy as possible. Offering both solid and liquid fertiliser applications, Bothams Prestige use high quality fertilisers to ensure your surface receives exactly the right nutrients when needed.

As with many of our sports pitch maintenance and renovation services, we can also work with leading agronomists to monitor nutrient levels and tailor our application programmes to meet your specific requirements, ensuring the very best ongoing results for your club or business.


Top dressing adds a layer of high quality soil or sand to the top of your sports pitch or sports surface. Regular top dressing enhances pitch quality and is done to maintain correct levels and keep the turf on your sports pitch healthy.

The type of soil or sand we add depends on the current composition of the pitch. We use both disc spreaders and drop spreaders to apply any top dressing to all pitches and greens.

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